A Message to You From Spirit...

“Within each of us is an inner beauty and a perfection of the highest quality.  It is not measured in the way of this world and the expectations and demands put upon us, but is seen and nourished and spoken to from Spirit.  It is in that place that true peace resides, some of us touch it but occasionally, some learn to dwell there frequently. Whatever your path, take the time to learn to reside here and stress will melt away, you will become in touch with the full love that awaits you whenever you tap in.  Life is about living and loving, learning to love ourselves and those around us on a deeper level and with greater understanding each day.”

With many blessings, Susan with Spirit Guidance.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

– Beauty is as much about the inside you as what appears on the outside!
– Our looks are genetically influenced but we have the power to recreate our thoughts
– Be your own best friend
– Be kind and gentle to yourself
– Catch those harsh and critical thoughts (stop thinking them)
– If you do stuff up, reflect, learn the lesson and move on
– Be your own best supporter
– See the good things you do and achieve, and pat yourself on the back
– No matter how big or small, they count for making you and the world a better place.

10 Tips to Health

1. Laughter

How often do we really have a good laugh? Whatever you need to do to bring laughter into your life do it!  It is one of the most important mood enhancers known of – and don’t you deserve to be happy… Whether its watching a comedy, catching up with friends, seeing something silly and making more of it than it is… Make sure you bring laughter into your life whenever you can.

2. Exercise

Haven’t we heard it all before, exercise, exercise, exercise… at least 3 to 4 times a week, whatever takes your fancy, the heart rate needs to be increased to be of benefit to the body and mind, so get out there and do it!  Walking, dancing, playing a sport…. You name it, as long as it’s increasing that blood flow it’s refreshing the body and mind.

3. Positive Activities

“If you don’t fill your mind with positive engaging distracting activities, the mind will default to worry.” Taken from the Amagdala retraining program 2010
If you are having a time of the negative thought processes flowing this is even more important, but daily it’s important to have things in your life that are positive and you enjoy.  When’s the last time you did a check list regarding what is working and what is not in your life? Do you enjoy your job, your relationship, the activities you are involved in?  It may be time for a spring clean and focus on what is working and what isn’t working…

4. Move Forward

Commit to addressing the problem areas and finding solutions or changing the circumstances!  This is so the same problems don’t continually impact and bring unhappiness.  Sometimes it can be as simple as addressing the situations around oneself that will make big differences. At other times it is about going within and spending time reflecting, learning and understanding why we react the way we do, how we can heal from it and be in the world in a way we would more prefer.  Either way its worth doing, so life can be lived to the full.  Please note its worth seeking help to find ways to cope, change things or move forward if it feels too bigger task on one’s own.

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been shown to help with well being. Dietary sources are Cod Liver Oil, Oily Fish, Eggs, Breakfast Cereals, Margarine, Milk (and Soya Milk).  And of course most importantly getting outside in the sun and fresh air is key to taking in Vitamin D.  A word of warning which you all will know, with skin cancer rates as they are it is important to take appropriate precautions in this area regarding sun exposure.

6. Keep on Top

Keep abreast of your health, have regular health checks so you know what’s going on with your body and if it’s working correctly.  If you are constantly feeling tired or run down look at why this is, and get a health check if there doesn’t seem a cause.  I encourage you to seek the best Dr/patient relationship you can have as in times of stress it is important that you have health professionals around you that you can trust and rely on completely.

7. Treat Yourself

Give yourself a present daily, and I don’t mean the monetary kind necessarily, though of course it can be.  What I mean is each day schedule in something for you – doesn’t have to be a big thing time wise but something that makes you feel good and means you are looking after you.  Often we leave this area until after we have done for everyone else in our lives and then find ourselves running on empty.  So whether its that walk in the park, catching up with a friend, a relaxing scented bath, reading a book, a treat you have been meaning to do for ages and have been putting off… whatever it is each day schedule in some ‘you time’.

8. Prioritise

Take the time to look at what you are trying to fit into your day… Are your expectations realistic to what you can achieve, do you need to prioritise in some areas, seek other ways of doing things, ask for help, off load some responsibilities… overloading oneself can be a big part to feeling stressed.

9. Relax

Learn to relax in whatever way suits you, be it spending time in nature, meditating, swimming, yoga, whatever it is where your mind is quiet and you feel most relaxed. A very good technique for relaxation I have found is called Autogenic Training. Information regarding it can be found in Leslie Kenton’s book, The New Ultrahealth. It is a very old technique, discovered through patient’s reactions to hypnosis, and in its simplest terms is a way of encouraging warmth and heaviness in the limbs, abdominal warmth and cooling of the forehead.  Over time with practice it brings on a deep sense of relaxation along with many other health benefits. I fully recommend it as a great tool for relaxation and getting off to sleep at night, if you would like more information on it feel free to contact me.

10. Accept

It is important to realise and try to accept that life has good and difficult times, things that can make us very happy and those that challenge us to the hilt. Learning to respond in healthy ways and remembering our humanness and that we all need support (and to ask if it doesn’t come easy to us) from those around us can make navigating through life a whole lot easier.

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