Great spiritual connection - I found Susan was able to easily connect with me, even via Zoom (I've never done Zoom before). The times when she went into areas I didn't think were relevant ended up being spot on and definitely worth exploring. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan.

- Charlie

I am a midwife whom had a challenging experience with a birth, which I found difficult to move past.

The emotional heaviness I felt was becoming more apparent in subsequent births and I became increasingly apprehensive when attending births. I knew this energy was not serving my profession and self-confidence.

When I met Susan, we didn't delve into all the hardships of my life. Instead we spoke of a variety of things, all which I needed to hear. Many positive. I hadn't said anything about the birth that was troubling me and during some healing, she told me to speak of it.

As I spoke, she began removing and shifting (at an energy level), the heaviness that had plagued me. I could literally feel the weight lift.

The next few days were pure joy. I felt ethereal and light and my interactions with others were greatly pleasurable. I felt like I had recalibrated my soul and returned to my natural state of a relaxed trusting midwife. I was excited to attend my next birth and feel the holy energy of a spirit coming into his or her physical body.

Susan is a blessing, and for me, her work speaks for itself. She healed and brought light to a part of my journey as a midwife that was very dark. Her warmth and spirit are gifts that she is willing to share, and I am very grateful that I could receive her grace.

- Kathleen

Felt like I'd had the most incredible massage and facial after leaving you yesterday. Slept amazingly too. Gently asked about the birds before I slept...didn't dream about them but as soon as my feet hit the floor Bob Marleys song 'Three Little Birds' came I to my head...'every little things gonna be alright'. Perfect! Thanks again for all the incredible work you do.

– Karla Haronga 2018

I was feeling quite tired due to having a lot on (house renovations on top of normal ‘life’) and not sleeping well. This resulted in a decrease in motivation levels and positivity. I was less present than normal.

After the session I felt more energetic. Generally, I felt a lot happier, my mindset changed to being more positive, which I usually am. It allowed more space and reduced mind chatter, so I could put back in place meditation etc which often comes to a stop when I am feeling how I was. It made me stop and re-evaluate my priorities and how much better I am able to cope if I do focus on being present and taking time out. I am sleeping better. The session was a bit of a realignment back to where I usually am plus a step forward.

I always come away from a session with Susan feeling really good about myself with a positive mindset. When I go to see her I may go with a certain thing I want to work on but she will draw out of me other factors / things that are going on that I may not realise are also affecting me. I walk away in a state of bliss with a smile on my face.

– Anna McKay

From using your service Susan I found a calmness and feeling of being centred again. A renewed sense of who I am and what my life means and an affirmation of myself as a mother. And an awareness of a tool (‘tapping’), for working through and letting go of feelings, that I can use for myself and my children. I liked your warm, easy, open, flexible and respectful manner.

Other benefits I received were:
- Increased feeling of health and well-being.
- A safe environment to be heard and where you can be however you need to be.
- Increased openness, awareness and support of spirit guides.

Contrary to being a ‘scientifically’ minded veterinarian I have full faith in and would have
no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone that is drawn to it. There are some things that for whatever reason, explainable or not, tangible or not, make a difference and your service has most certainly done that for me … THANK YOU!

– Leisa Marnie Norris

My daughter has been struggling with epilepsy for 5 months and current meds are not working for her. She has been having up to 9 seizures a day. After a session with Susan we had 3 days with no seizures PLUS heard heaps of laughter and her energy levels lifted. I haven't seen her like this for months. Susan helped her release guilt I didn't realise she was carrying. Thank you Susan

– Catherine

I had a very sore shoulder but due to being recently diagnosed with lymphedema I was unable to have a steroid injection that was to ease the pain. Susan and I sat quietly while she 'healed' my arm. The next day I noticed a considerable relief in the pain and increased mobility in my arm. It was amazing. Susan has a lovely gentle and calming way/manner.

– Sara Jane

Susan helped me come to terms with the psychological aspect of going through cancer that drugs and surgery don’t treat. After a treatment with her I always walked away feeling so much better. Taking the opportunity to talk about problems that you wouldn’t normally talk about really helped and I found receiving messages from family in Spirit was nice and reminded me that I was never alone.

– Sara Jane

Susan you have given me the most precious gift I could ever be given. Thank you from the depths of my being.

– Jessamine. (Healing session in which she was connected with a loved one)

In my experience as a nurse I have met less than a handful of people who truly have what we call 'healing hands'. Susan is one of these people who have a rare and unique gift. There is no hesitation on my part to use Susan's services again and more importantly, I have no hesitation in confidently referring other people to her on a professional level. We need people like Susan.

- Ian Parker

I have been going to Susan because of ongoing symptoms of severe clinical depression several years before, emotional numbness, fatigue etc. Susan has incorporated auric magnetic healing in many of her sessions to great effect. Sometimes I have gone to Susan very distressed and uncontrollably crying etc and have left much calmer and happier. As the sessions have progressed over the months, I have noticed a much different energy within myself. Because of the healing and safe environment Susan creates I have been able to express my emotions and pain and move through them, and now I find myself a lot stronger, lighter and energetic. I now also 'feel' the healings which I find an amazing experience.

- VH

Teenagers feedback while working at Youth One Stop Shop, Palmerston North, 2005

Hi Susan Thank you for all the support you have given me over this year. My life experiences have taught me a lot and you have helped me grow so much as a person. I hope you have enjoyed seeing me come out stronger and wiser at the end. I am so thankful to have been able to overcome what I have, and I wouldn't have been able to achieve it without you. Getting here has meant not only insight and inner strength on my part, but also support on yours.

Dear Susan I really appreciate what you have done for me! Your help was amazing, and your support is awesome.

Susan Thank you so much for all that you did for me. You have no idea how much you have changed my life for the better.

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