Grief, trauma, loss of a loved one, ill-health, emotional issues, relationship issues, stress, anger management, depression, self esteem issues and life changes are some of the reasons why people come searching for my healing services.

I will be guided by your needs as to what services you require.  Though my skills naturally combine and work together to produce the ultimate benefit for the needs of the client, here is a list of healing therapies I draw from:


As a qualified counselor, I can help you as you choose to open up and discuss issues affecting your life. My background in narrative therapy will help you: understand the stories of your life, explore and reframe unhelpful thought and behavioral patterns, heal from trauma, and allow you to move forward with positivity.

Auric/Magnetic Healing

Using your aura and vibrational energy as a guide, I will identify issues, clear the dross (negative energy), and restore your energy, helping to improve your mental and physical health. As a trained practitioner I am tuned in to identifying issues that need attention.


This traditional Japanese healing method involves hands-on healing to restore good energy flow and qi (chi) by balancing chakras, and achieving a lighter more peaceful and rejuvenated spirit.

Long Distance and Absent Healing

Your need for treatment and healing can be met in your time and place of need. I can offer many healing treatments by Skype or by phone.  My connection with Spirit allows me to detect messages and energy without being limited by space and time.  I am able to transmit healing energy without a requirement for you to be physically present for healing treatment.

Pressure Point Massage


Combined with intuitive energy balancing – locating and smoothing away tension allows your body to relax and maintain good health. Releasing trauma through hands-on energy brings stress relief and better health.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping on meridian points helps to unblock the energy channels throughout the body and encourage healthy chi/qi flow. My unique version of this very popular treatment draws on a variety of therapies combined to achieve balance and restoration in the body and mind.


Maximise your abilities in your business or corporate life. Guidance on managing relationships, self-growth, and managing a healthy work/life balance through talking and/or guidance by spirit. A safe space for you to unwind and develop your full potential is here for you.

Essential Oils & Aromatouch

doTerra oils are used in my practice as I love their vibrancy and the company ethos. Intuitively I will know the oil you will need to aid your healing journey.
doTerra Aromatouch is a specialized healing and rejuvenating massage where doTerra oils are layered on the back in a specific sequence and technique. Each oil has a particular affect on the body, calming, reducing inflammation, restoring and rejuvenating.  It is a deeply relaxing and beneficial treatment for body and mind.
You can purchase doTerra oils through my webpage.
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Animal Healings


When our beloved animals are unwell or suffering from behavioral issues it can be distressing for everybody.  Non-invasive healings with pets can be a gentle way to identify and heal issues.  Restoring your pet’s energy levels with a healing session to clear away negative dross they take on when we seek their comforting energy during our own times of stress honours their contribution to our own well-being.  Animal Healing Case studies

Pre-marriage sessions

Prepare a path for your marriage to start in it’s healthiest form. Developing good communication skills and establishing an understanding of each other’s needs as well as your own will set the fertile ground from which your marriage can thrive. Guidance from Spirit will open a pathway to discovering your deepest hopes and desires as you break new ground in blending your lives together. Two to three pre-marriage sessions are recommended.

Wedding day jitters can be alleviated with shoulder and/or foot massage combined with energy healing on the day, ensuring you walk down the aisle to marriage surefooted and soul ready.

Qi Gong (Life Energy Cultivation)


Qi Gong is combined with other treatments in order to support and facilitate healings. I also guide and encourage the use of physical exercises and breathing techniques to encourage good energy and health.

Passing Over

Supporting with Spiritual healing during terminal illness can help ease the journey towards passing and help the person pass peacefully. Messages received through Spirit at this time can be tremendously healing for both the person passing and grieving families.

Crystal Light Therapy

A healing session on the Crystal Light bed will align your chakras, balance your energy systems and relax you. It is not just a physical experience, many people find they receive profound knowings and connect to their higher source for answers and guidance. Every session is unique to what is happening in your life plan at the time.

Marriage Celebrant

As a celebrant I offer my services for small weddings, civil unions and relationship confirming ceremonies. I will be guided by Spirit to support you both to celebrate your love for each other in a unique ceremony that reflects both your individuality and togetherness.

House Clearings and Blessings

Taking the time to cleanse an environment is always important. Often the imprint of previous persons/families can be felt in a dwelling and a cleanse/blessing can bring a more settled and calm feeling to the environment.

I want to thank you for yesterday’s healing. I am feeling a lot better now, lighter, and even my senses are clearer. My sense of smell has improved for some reason!

– K.T

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