About Susan

I have an interest in helping people, so after working with special needs children for several years I decided to train as a Counsellor.

Alongside training as a counsellor, I also studied various spiritual practises as my background has been seeped in Catholicism and I wanted in some way to work with clients with their own Spiritual values.

In my last year of counselling training our beautiful dog passed away suddenly.  This was very traumatic for me due to the circumstances surrounding her death.  Through the process of coming to terms with her passing, I had a vivid flying dream like nothing I had experienced before, that left me feeling very peaceful.  I also started receiving lines of songs or words in my head answering the many questions I had regarding what happens when you die, does your soul live on, where does it go, and why… This was the beginning of my more knowing connection with the ‘other side’.

I read widely, attended various workshops and practised giving messages to family and friends. With perseverance, gradually my ability to tune in and channel messages became clearer and more precise.  Now I couldn’t imagine a day without the beautiful loving guidance Spirit brings to my life and those I come in touch with.

I furthered my training by attending numerous workshops, initially related to counselling and family therapy, while I worked as a counsellor for young people at Youth One Stop Shop.  From there I trained in Auric Magnetic Healing, Crystal Healing, and Qi Gong healing, Massage and doTerra Aromatouch while continuing to upskill in various counselling techniques. These all combine to enable me to provide the service I now do.

Life experience has also been a big teacher. I am a mum and a grandmother which brings me much joy.  There’s nothing I like more than hanging out with family and friends, unless it’s hanging out with them at the beach or by a lake.  I love nature of all kinds and some of my happiest moments are watching and photographing the beauty of an insect going about its business or a fish swimming in the sea.  Travel is another of my downtime activities which also brings me much enjoyment.

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