Below are a few commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered here, then please contact me and we can have a chat.

Who is this Spirit you talk of?

The link —Spirit— I connect to for guidance and healing for my clients is pure unconditional love. The Divine, God, Spirit— however you like to refer to this link—know us intimately, love us unconditionally, and only want the absolute best for us.

How much will a treatment cost?

Treatment costs depend on the length of a session and the type of therapies used.  A session usually costs $100 to $200.  Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can fit my therapy into your budget.

How many sessions will I need to ‘fix’ my problem?

Healing is led by Spirit…..as directed. Although I cannot promise to be able to ‘fix’ your problem, Spirit knows you better than I possibly ever could and all they want is to help you. The length and degree of unwellness can influence the time it takes to recover. Some clients have one or a few sessions, some have a longer therapeutic journey. Other clients find the treatments so beneficial they attend on a regular basis and develop their own Spiritual connection.

Will I be able to connect with loved ones that have died?

Most Spirits welcome a loved one who wishes to connect with them.  I will pass on messages as they come to me from any loved ones who have passed who you yearn to connect with.

What happens during a session?

I will be respectful of your boundaries; we will never do anything you are uncomfortable with.  You may direct me towards which form of treatment you would like but otherwise I will be guided by Spirit.

Depending on the treatment you require you may be sitting, standing or lying down.  If you want an aromatherapy massage you will be partially clothed as is normal during a massage.

We will discuss any treatment before we proceed to ensure your absolute comfort.

I always come away from a session with Susan feeling really good about myself with a positive mindset. When I go to see her I may go with a certain thing I want to work on but she will draw out of me other factors/things that are going on that I may not realise are also affecting me. I walk away in a state of bliss with a smile on my face.

– Anna McKay

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