Terms & Conditions


In accordance with the Privacy Act, all information recorded in your health records will be kept confidential. Your records will only be accessed by my practice. All personnel in this practice are bound by the Privacy Act to maintain strict patient confidentiality.

If it became apparent in a session that there was risk to yourself or another person this would legally need to be disclosed to the correct authorities, but this would always be in consultation with you.

If it is necessary to consult other health professionals you will be advised and your permission requested.


In accepting services from Susan Aitken you acknowledge this treatment is not to be used instead of/or to replace medical advice or current medical treatment.

You will not hold Susan in any way responsible nor liable for any experience associated with any of Susan’s services or products and any consequences arising therefrom, even in respect of any act or omission (whether advisory or otherwise) occurring in the provision of and or incidental to the provision of services or in respect of any product supplied by Susan Aitken.


We have put this time aside for you, if you can’t make this appointment please contact us 24 hours prior so we can re book you. Unfortunately if you give us late notice or you do not turn up for your appointment no refund or transfer will be available.